Go Glamping in Singapore: The Ultimate Guide


Learn about the epitome of comfort and style while camping in the wild as we unveil the
secrets of Go Glamping in Singapore. These camps provide you with everything you need to enjoy the most luxurious stay and experience something unforgettable in the heart of nature.


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Ever wondered if camping could be transformed into a more relaxed and stylish experience
so that you could enjoy a glass of mimosa while admiring the serenity of nature? Seems
unreasonable right? No, as Go Glamping is here as your personal Ginnie fulfilling this
absurd but interesting wish! Singapore is a hub for all the dazzling and fancy things one may ever seek, and Go Glamping is one such too-good-to-be-true facility that the city has to offer. Several renowned companies offer this facility for a variety of packages. With world-class amenities like air-conditioners, refrigerators, air mattresses and so much more, these camping experiences will not fail to leave you awestruck. You may choose to sit by a tranquil lake, camp beside animals, or spend the night under the starry sky, they have got you covered. So, let us delve into the world of Go Glamping in Singapore to help you to make an informed decision.

What is Go Glamping?

“Go Glamping” is a term used for a unique activity that effortlessly blends “glamor” and
“camping”. It is perfect for people who love nature but not the discomfort that tags along with it. So, to offer a luxurious, and comfortable form of camping, Go Glamping includes
amenities and accommodations not typically associated with traditional camping. In a
glamping experience, individuals enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while staying in
well-appointed tents or other temporary structures equipped with modern conveniences such as comfortable beds, electricity, and sometimes even air conditioning. The ultimate goal of Go Glamping is to deliver a balance between the tranquility of nature and the comfort of upscale amenities.

Go Glamping in Singapore to be Adventurous, Yet Luxurious

Wondrous Glamping:

Experience the epitome of romance with Wondrous Glamping—an enchanting night beneath
the stars awaits you. Our package includes a spacious tent adorned with twinkling indoor
fairy lights for an extra touch of allure. Situated at East Coast Park Area D5, Wondrous
Glamping provides optional add-on packages for birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, and
hen’s parties. Price: For 2 people: packages start from $220 for a four-meter canvas bell tent, a queen-size air mattress bed, and two fans.

Source: https://www.litaofthepack.com/glamping/

Glamping Kaki:

Discover the ultimate in cozy glamping at Glamping Kaki. Immerse yourself in nature as you unwind in a luxurious tent boasting a sea view, a queen-size memory foam mattress, plush bedding, and stylish furniture for a stargazing experience. Forget about navigating in the dark – our team ensures a well-lit fairy light pathway to illuminate your surroundings.
For those not spending the night, Glamping Kaki offers enchanting picnic setups featuring
fairy lights, cushions, cutlery, wine glasses, picnic mats, and more. Opt for beach chair
rentals to enjoy a comfortable sunset-watching or stargazing session.
For 2 people: Packages start from $210 for a Couple Deluxe Medium Bell Tent
For 4 people: Packages start from $240 for a Standard Medium Bell Tent
For 6 people: Packages start from $290 for a Superior Large Bell Tent

Source: https://www.booking.com/hotel/sg/glampingkaki.html

Heavenly Glamping

Let the team at Heavenly Glamping create a camping haven fit for kings and queens.
Experience the regal treatment at ORTO Yishun, where you’ll enjoy a lavish bell tent,
queen-size air beds with cozy pillows, a spacious fan, air conditioning, a convenient foldable table with chairs, a barbecue pit, a large gazebo, and access to a power point. For a more laid-back experience, consider the East Coast Park packages, which offer the basics without the added luxuries like air conditioning, a gazebo, and a barbecue pit. Plus, if you are planning an event, they will help you elevate the celebration with optional extras such as balloons, a chalkboard, a pathway adorned with fairy lights, and entertaining games.
Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, proposal, or hen party, these add-ons will ensure your
occasion is unforgettable.
Price: For 4 people: Packages start from $270 for Deluxe Package

Singapore Zoo

Believe it or not, now you can experience a unique night at the Zoo amidst majestic Asian
elephants and rhinos without biding adieu to comfort and luxury with the Singapore Zoo
glamping staycation. Available on select dates in April (with a hiatus until October), the
package features a comfortable stay in a Pavilion by the Lake Dome tent, ideal for up to four individuals. Enjoy a delightful dinner and breakfast, coupled with guided animal tours
throughout the zoo. Don’t miss this opportunity for a memorable and cozy adventure!
Price: Packages start from $1,699 per tent including meals and guided animal tours

Source: https://www.booking.com/hotel/sg/glampingkaki.html

The Glamping Society

Presenting itself as the pioneer of glamping in Singapore, The Glamping Society transforms
the traditional luxury hotel staycation into an unforgettable glamping adventure. Located at
East Coast Park Area G and Punggol Container Park, it offers fully equipped air-conditioned
tents featuring a cozy double bed with pillows, enchanting fairy lights, and convenient power sockets. The package includes both indoor and outdoor picnic setups, along with a selection of delectable bites and beverages. For those aiming to surprise their significant other, let the creative minds at Glamping Society enhance the experience with helium balloons, intimate candlelit dinners, and a romantic touch of flower petals scattered inside the tent to set a captivating mood. Your only task is to bring the romance!
For 2 people: Packages start from $299 for medium tents
For 6 people: Packages start from $499 for large tents

Glamping City

Bringing joy to happy campers at East Coast Park Area G and Sentosa since 2017,
Glamping City offers unique experiences. Picture beautifully decorated tents with a direct
view of the sea, themed adventures, outdoor picnics, and romantic candlelit dinners. Movie
enthusiasts will be thrilled with Glamping City’s cinema package, complete with an 80-inch
screen, HD projector, speaker, and WiFi for both indoor and outdoor film viewing. What’s
more, Glamping City lets you bring the experience home. The Do-At-Home package
includes everything you need – a tipi, a mat, pillows, fairy lights, bunting, and a picnic basket with snacks – as well as the necessary movie screening equipment.
For 2 people: Packages start from $169 for Couple Deluxe
For 5 people: Packages start from $199 for a Family Suite

Source: https://www.booking.com/hotel/sg/glampingkaki.html

Go Glamping SG

Embrace the mantra of ‘Go big or go home’ with Go Glamping SG, where we offer a
hassle-free adventure. Our robust waterproof bell tents, designed to withstand any weather, are at the forefront of the experience. Depending on your chosen package, each tent is equipped with fans, a padlock, and a ziplock for your camping permit, comfortably fitting up to three queen-size air beds. These stylish tents boast charming fairy lights, mini tables, and tatami seats for a cozy ambiance. Customize your stay with optional add-ons such as picnic sets, tarpaulin canvas mats, and collapsible chairs and tables
For 2 people: Packages start from $260 per night
For 4 people: Packages start from $290 per night
For 6 people: Packages start from $380 per night

River Wonders’ Staycation

Explore the underwater world without getting wet! Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind
experience at River Wonders, where you can sleep in enchanting tents beside manatees in
the Amazon Flooded Forest. Don’t miss out – give glamping a try at River Wonders for a
truly unique adventure!
Price: Contact the company

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=a6fJTeO1hZw


Go Glamping is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is unmissable if you are in Singapore.
These camps offer exquisite comfort, luxury, and style amidst nature’s true bounty. We have explored several providers that provide top-tier quality and facilities at a reasonable price. They aim to make your every moment special and relaxing, offering a dynamic range of packages for different group sizes. Some even offer tours, meals, and drinks! So, next time you want a glamorous camping experience, think of Go Glamping in Singapore.

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