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Singapore, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, has a diverse range of dining options to suit every taste. Among the various culinary environment, Indian cuisine stands out for its rich flavours and aromatic spices, which captivate food connoisseurs from all over the world. One of the most famous Indian foods that has garnered international acclaim is none other than the beloved curry. The term “curry” encompasses a wide variety of dishes, each with its own unique blend of spices and ingredients. From creamy and mild to fiery and aromatic, curries cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

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What makes Indian food, including curry, so beloved around the world? It boils down to a combination of factors:

  1. Rich and Diverse Flavours: Indian food is well-known for its complex and harmonious flavour combinations. A single dish might contain a variety of spices and ingredients, creating layers of flavour that tantalise the palette. Whether it’s the warmth of cinnamon and cloves in a North Indian curry or the acidity of tamarind in a South Indian dish, Indian cuisine provides a sensory experience unlike any other.
  2. Aromatic Spices: Spices are the heart and soul of Indian cuisine. Indian spices, including cumin, coriander, turmeric, and cardamom, lend depth, smell, and colour to recipes. Spices are carefully blended and balanced to give the distinct flavours that people seek.
  3. Vegetarian Options: With a long history of vegetarianism, Indian cuisine has a wealth of vegetarian dishes that are both healthful and delicious. There are plenty of meatless alternatives to choose from, like rich lentil curries and crispy veggie pakoras.
  4. Regional Diversity: Indian food reflects the country’s wide and diverse landscape. Each location has its unique culinary traditions, ingredients, and cooking techniques, which results in a diverse selection of foods to try. Whether it’s creamy curries in the north, scorching vindaloos in Goa, or tangy chutneys in the south, Indian cuisine has something for everyone.
  5. Cultural Significance: Food plays an important role in Indian culture, from religious rites to family gatherings. Sharing a meal fosters camaraderie and connection, and Indian cuisine is well-known for its hospitality. Whether you dine at a simple street stall or a fine-dining establishment, you will be greeted with open arms and a delectable spread of food.

From classic favourites to modern twists, these are nine must-see Indian eateries in Singapore that will provide an amazing eating experience.

  1. Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal, located in the heart of Singapore at Pan Pacific Singapore, is well-known for serving authentic North Indian cuisine. The restaurant exudes luxury with its lavish décor and a menu curated by Chef Milind Sovani. Signature dishes include the aromatic Dum Pukht Biryani and the decadent Butter Chicken. Prices range from SGD 30 and SGD 80 per person.

Address: 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595.

How to get there: Nearest MRT Station: Promenade Station

Food Review: Rang Mahal at Pan Pacific Singapore | Chef Milind Sovani returns to Singapore, redefining Indian Cuisine again – The Ranting Panda
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  1. Zaffron Kitchen

Zaffron Kitchen combines contemporary flair with traditional Indian dishes to provide a lively and relaxed dining experience. This restaurant, known for its tandoori delights and substantial curries, serves a diverse menu to suit any need. Must-try dishes include Butter Garlic Naan and delicious Chicken Tikka Masala. Prices range from SGD 15 and SGD 40 per person.

Address: Multiple locations, including 135/137 East Coast Road, Singapore 428820

How to get there: Nearest MRT Station: Eunos Station

Food review: Zaffron Kitchen - Her World Singapore
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  1. Song of India

Song of India, located in a lovely colonial bungalow, provides a refined dining experience that highlights the best of modern Indian food. Chef Mural’s unique inventions elevate traditional flavours, transforming each meal into a gourmet masterpiece. Enjoy the Chef’s Tasting Menu for a gastronomic voyage through India’s unique culinary heritage. Prices range between SGD 80 and SGD 150 per person.

Address: 33 Scotts Road, Singapore 228226.

How to get there: The nearest MRT station is Newton Station

THE SONG OF INDIA, Singapore - Central Area/City Area - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor
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  1. Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill offers the flavours of the Punjab area to Singapore through their exceptional fine dining experience. From delicious kebabs to aromatic biryanis, each dish celebrates traditional Punjabi flavours. Don’t miss their trademark Dal Makhani or the wonderfully flavoured Rogan Josh. Prices range from SGD 40 and SGD 100 per person.

Address: 2 Bayfront Avenue, B1-01A. The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972  

How to get there: Nearest MRT Station: Bayfront Station

Punjab Grill | Indian Restaurant in Singapore | Marina Bay Sands
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  1. Samy’s Curry

Samy’s Curry, a beloved institution in Singapore’s culinary scene, has been providing authentic South Indian cuisine for over 50 years. The restaurant, located in a quaint colonial building, is well-known for its fragrant fish head curry and crispy dosas. Enjoy a relaxed eating experience with family and friends in the restaurant’s lively atmosphere. Prices range from SGD 10 and SGD 30 per person.

Address: 25A Dempsey Road, Singapore 249670.

How to get there: The nearest MRT station is Farrer Road Station.

SAMY'S CURRY, Singapore - Dempsey Hill - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor
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  1. The Banana Leaf Apolo

For a taste of South Indian comfort food, go to The Banana Leaf Apolo, a long-time favourite among both residents and tourists. This restaurant, known for offering exquisite biryanis and curries on banana leaves, provides a really unique eating experience. Make sure to taste their trademark Fish Head Curry and Masala Thosai. Prices range from SGD 10 and SGD 25 per person.

Address: 54 Race Course Road, Singapore 218564.

How to get there: The nearest MRT station is Little India Station.

Locations | Banana Leaf
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  1. Komala Vilas

Komala Vilas is a vegetarian haven that serves authentic South Indian cuisine in a relaxed eating atmosphere. From crunchy vadas to fluffy idlis, each dish is made with care and the best ingredients. Don’t miss their wonderful thali lunches, which feature a variety of delicacies on a one platter. Prices range from SGD 8 and SGD 20 per person.

Address: 76-78 Serangoon Road, Singapore 217981.

How to get there: Nearest MRT Station: Little India Station

Komala Vilas to open new outlet tabla Singapore News - Tabla
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  1. Khansama Tandoori Restaurant

Khansama Tandoori Restaurant transports customers to India’s streets with its bright flavours and flavorful meals. The restaurant specialises on tandoori cuisine, with a variety of kebabs, breads, and curries baked in traditional clay ovens. Enjoy their scrumptious Mixed Tandoori Platter and creamy Shahi Paneer. Prices range between SGD 20 and SGD 50 per person.

Address: 166 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218050.

How to get there: The nearest MRT station is Little India Station.

Khansama Tandoori Restaurant photos, Singapore | Quandoo
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  1. The Curry Culture

The Curry Culture’s contemporary take on classic Indian cuisine creates a one-of-a-kind eating experience that appeals to both purists and modern palates. From novel curry dishes to classic favourites, the restaurant takes pleasure in employing fresh ingredients and robust flavours. Try their trademark Lamb Shank Vindaloo and delicious Prawn Malai Curry. Prices range from SGD 25 and SGD 60 per person.

Address: 31 Cuppage Road, Singapore 229457.

How to get there: The nearest MRT station is Somerset Station

Home - The Curry Culture | Serving Authentic Indian food @Orchard, Singapore
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At these nine exceptional restaurants in Singapore, you can embark on a culinary journey through the flavours of India. Whether you’re seeking classic North Indian dishes or learning about the subtleties of South Indian cuisine, each restaurant offers a fantastic dining experience that will tantalise your taste buds and keep you going back for more. So, assemble your loved ones and set out on a culinary tour that highlights the rich tapestry of Indian flavours right here in Singapore. Bon appétit!

In essence, people enjoy Indian cuisine not only for its flavour, but also for the cultural depth and warmth it represents. It’s a cuisine that values diversity, hospitality, and the pleasure of sharing a delicious meal with loved ones. So, whether you’re eating creamy butter chicken or aromatic biryani, every bite is a celebration of India’s culinary heritage and the bright flavours that have captivated the world.


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