7 Must-Try Thai Restaurants in Singapore: A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia


Singapore, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, provides a diverse tapestry of flavours from around the globe. Thai food is known for its robust flavours, aromatic herbs, and vivid spices. Thai food, known for its delicate mix of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavours, provides a tantalising sensory experience that captivates eaters of various backgrounds. Join us as we visit seven of the top Thai restaurants in the Lion City, each providing a unique gastronomic experience.

  1. Jai Thai Restaurant

Jai Thai Restaurant, located in the heart of the city, emanates a cosy atmosphere and serves authentic Thai cuisine. From Bangkok’s bustling streets to Singapore’s dynamic eating scene, Jai Thai provides a flavour of Thailand right in the Lion City.

Speciality: Jai Thai is a popular spot for both residents and tourists because of its huge quantities and authentic Thai meals. Enjoy classic delicacies such as Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai, and Green Curry Chicken.

Address: 27 Purvis Street, #01-01, Singapore 188604.

How To Reach: Jai Thai Restaurant, located in the heart of Singapore’s Civic District, is easily accessible by public transportation, with City Hall being the nearest MRT station.

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  1. Nakhon Kitchen

Nakhon Kitchen is a popular destination for real Thai cuisine due to its no-frills ambiance and low costs. Whether you’re dining alone or with a group, Nakhon Kitchen guarantees a delightful culinary experience without breaking the bank.

Speciality: Enjoy a variety of Thai dishes, including Crispy Kangkong, Basil Chicken, and Pineapple Fried Rice.

Address: Multiple locations in Singapore, including Bedok, Hougang, and Ang Mo Kio.

How To Reach: Nakhon Kitchen has multiple sites over the island, making it easily accessible via public transit or driving. 

Nakhon Kitchen Thai Food- Holland Village Food Guide
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  1. Nana Thai Restaurant

Nana Thai Restaurant, located in the lovely Bukit Timah neighbourhood, provides an intimate dining experience featuring traditional Thai flavours. Step into Nana Thai and you’ll be transported to Bangkok’s bustling streets, where the perfume of spices fills the air and each dish has its own tale.

Speciality: Don’t miss out on their specialty dishes, including Pandan Chicken, Mango Salad, and Massaman Curry.

Address: 74 Sembawang Road, Singapore 779125.

How To Reach: Nana Thai Restaurant is located in the northern area of Singapore and may be reached by automobile or public transit, with Khatib being the nearest MRT station. 

NaNa Thai's
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  1. Ah Loy Thai

Ah Loy Thai is a beloved neighborhood gem known for its affordable prices and delicious Thai fare. Whether you’re craving comfort food or adventurous flavors, Ah Loy Thai has something for everyone.

Specialty: Indulge in their Tom Yum Seafood Soup, Thai-style Otah, and Pad Krapow.

Address: 100 Beach Road, #01-39, Shaw Towers, Singapore 189702

How to Reach: Situated in the bustling Bugis area, Ah Loy Thai is easily accessible via public transportation, with Bugis MRT station just a short walk away.

Ah Loy Thai - Butter Calamari is a Must Try! MissTamChiak Review
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  1. Tha Siam Authentic Thai Kitchen

Tucked away in a quiet corner of a bustling Orchard Road, the restaurant’s unpretentious and friendly decor is an ideal setting for social events and gatherings accompanied with delicious meals. Tha Siam takes pleasure in providing a genuine and unadulterated taste that is unique to the Land of Smiles.

Speciality: Try their Spicy Glass Noodle Salad, Grilled Pork Neck, and Red Curry Beef.

Address: 150 Orchard Rd, #04-20 Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841

How To Reach: A simple plate of basil pork rice and an iced Thai milk tea will transport you right back to the streets of Thailand. Treat yourself to Tha Siam today.

Siam Kitchen
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  1. Som Tam

Inspired by Bangkok’s busy streets, Som Tam brings Thailand’s colourful flavours to Singapore. From the bustling environment to the robust flavours, Som Tam provides a gastronomic experience that transports you to the heart of Thailand.

Speciality: Their specialty dishes include Som Tam Salad, Pad Thai Goong, and Green Curry.

Address: 42/44 North Canal Road, Singapore 059298.

How To Reach: Som Tam, located in the lively Clarke Quay district, is easily accessible via public transit or a leisurely stroll along the Singapore River. 

Som Tam Express - Thai Fusion Restaurant in Singapore - SHOPSinSG
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  1. Sawadee Thai Cuisine

Sawadee Thai Cuisine serves a large selection of classic Thai meals with a modern twist. Step into Sawadee for the right blend of classic flavours and modern dining.

Specialty: Few special dishes include Tom Kha Gai Soup, Thai Fish Cakes and Stir-fried Basil Pork.

Address: 9 Tan Quee Lan Street, #01-01, Singapore 188098

How To Reach: Sawadee Thai Cuisine is located in the busy Bugis district and is easily accessible by public transport, with Bugis MRT station only a short walk away.

Sawadee Thai | Restaurants in Rochor, Singapore
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Thai food is known for its distinct flavour profile, which smoothly blends sweet, sour, salty, and spicy components to create a harmonic and enjoyable dining experience. Thai cuisine is distinguished by the use of aromatic herbs and spices such as lemongrass, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves, which give meals a distinct and refreshing flavour.

Thai food is known for its health benefits as well as its great taste. Many Thai recipes contain fresh ingredients such as herbs, vegetables, and lean proteins, making them a healthful option for health-conscious eaters. Ingredients like chilli peppers and garlic are said to offer antibacterial and immune-boosting effects, whilst herbs like basil and cilantro are high in antioxidants and vitamins.

Pad Thai, a stir-fried noodle dish cooked with shrimp, tofu or chicken and seasoned with tamarind sauce, fish sauce and lime, is one of Thailand’s most well-known foods. Another famous meal is Tom Yum Soup, which is spicy and sour and contains prawns, mushrooms, lemongrass and lime leaves. Other popular dishes include Green Curry, Massaman Curry, and Mango Sticky Rice, which are praised for their robust flavours and soothing appeal.

Whether you’re a Thai food lover or simply trying to broaden your culinary horizons, these seven Thai eateries in Singapore offer a wonderful gourmet voyage through Thai flavours. From cosy neighbourhood eateries to lively metropolitan places, each institution has a distinct vibe and a menu of delectable cuisine that will tantalise your taste buds. So, gather your friends and family and go on a gastronomic tour to taste the best Thai cuisine right here in the Lion City!

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